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Implementing the theme "Five for the benefit of union members" of the General Labor Federation of Vietnam, the union levels in the provinces and cities in the South have many programs linked with units and enterprises to implement reduction. Prices of goods and services for union members, laborers (laborers)
Buy fish sauce, rice signing are discounted
"This afternoon tan tan ca early, take advantage of buying baby furniture. This morning, I saw a banner announcing a discount of 10% to 50% of all items needed for the union members, Labor. "- She's leading the words of Thuy, sister to do the same. with you. Ms. Be and Thuy worked in the Linh Trung Export Processing Zone. Two sisters in the same boat, same workshop, in the same area should be quite close. This afternoon there is a discount sale, two sisters can not ignore because the home appliance has run out of things.
The sales office is the Steering Committee of Quarter 4 (Linh Xuan Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City), all goods are distributed by Co.opXtra Co. under the program of coordinated sales with the District Labor Party Virtue. The products are sold as abundant as shampoo, shower gel, lotion, clothes, shoes, rice, sugar, monosodium glutamate, shrimp noodles, cooking oil ... Many items are only 50% lower than market price.
Thuy chose two bottles of fish sauce, 5kg of washing powder, shrimp cans and milk cartons for her baby. She counted, with each of these items, a discount of up to 50%, she has saved more than 100 thousand.
My American, working at ChingLuh Vietnam Co. (Thuan Dao Industrial Park, Long An) took advantage of the "shopping festival for union members" organized by the Long An Provincial Labor Federation to buy less furniture. family by all products are discounted from 3-49%. With many stalls discounted, American did not hesitate to buy 20 kilograms of rice and two milk cartons for the family.
"I have a lot of rice in the market, I do not know what quality, but I do not dare to buy rice because it is so expensive. Now, "Shopping Festival", Son La rice wine of Kim Sang normal price 23,000 VND / kg, now reduced to 15,000 VND / sign. Nutifood's milk is reduced to 15% of the selling price, so it is not easy to buy good quality products, especially quality guaranteed by the organization. "
Not only wait for the festival to buy discounts, quality, time, union members, laborers working in enterprises in export processing zones, industrial parks, hi-tech parks of Ho Chi Minh City also ordered through The network, the supplier will deliver to the place, pre-purchase, pay later through the college.
To gain this convenience, the HCMC Standing Committee of Export Processing Zones - Ho Chi Minh City has been actively seeking units and enterprises to sign cooperation programs and sales of stable members.
Considered as an "open" program for activities implementing the theme "Five for the benefit of union members", in the month of 2017 workers, the council of export processing zones - Branch Office has implemented the program "Clean Rice for Industry" In cooperation with Kim Sang Agricultural Products JSC selling quality rice, the price is at least 15% lower than the market for union members and laborers.
After that, the program has been expanded to the entire system of Hochiminh City, the Corporation of Export Processing Zones in Ho Chi Minh City in cooperation with Saigon W-Mart Co., Ltd successfully piloted the model of supermarket chain, utility in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, High technology, signed and implemented social security program for workers with Unilever Vietnam Co., Ltd in cooperation with Saigon W-Mart Co., Ltd. and BIDV Bank to issue credit cards exclusively for union members. The EPC - CN with many benefits as union members buy before pay later, discount direct purchase, order through the website delivery home ...
Thuy Van, working at Long Rich VN (Binh Chieu Industrial Zone, Thu Duc District) said: "When I was overtime, I did not have time. The market, just register with the base college is to buy what, is delivered to the place, the end of months pay and pay, not struggling, but lower prices outside. Lower prices than the outside is what I am most satisfied.
Comprehensive support for union members, employees
Not only connected discount sales at the shopping festival, the councils have actively signed with the unit to get long-term, durable benefits for members. The companies involved in sales stabilize, or provide services to union members, CD, in addition to commitment to stable sales, lower prices also join the colleges, bringing many benefits programs for Union members such as scholarships, support members with difficulties, give tickets car Tet ...
For example, in cooperation with the HCMC EPZs, in addition to selling subsidies to union members and laborers in EPZs and IPs through the grassroots system, the preferential rates are lower by 10% -15% than With the market, Unilever Vietnam Limited Liability Company committed to support members of the Union, disadvantaged staff members; Organizing IEC programs on health education, providing knowledge on disease prevention, hygiene - food safety, health care for enterprises at enterprises, with an estimated budget of about 12 billion VND Supported for these activities.
Mr. Nguyen Cong Vinh - Vice President of Unilever Vietnam, pledged: "The program will take care of real life