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Some companies are strict in terms of security should not put rice into the company

Nguyen Thai Thanh - Vice President of the Trade Union of the Industrial Zone – Ho Chi Minh City Export Processing Zone – said that the number of trade union grassroots participation is low, the amount of clean rice to the hands of workers is very small due to a number of raw Personnel: Some companies are strict in terms of security should not put rice into the company; Companies have limited space to sell rice or no canteens; Workers in the South West and South East regions receive rice from their families; Lunch workers at the company, no cooking and grassroots trade unions are not really interested in the program.
In particular, one reason for the "Clean Rice for Workers" program has not been as expected, according to many of the grassroots union officials, is that workers and workers still keep their old-fashioned shopping habits. Mr. Nguyen Van Buoi - Chairman of Trade Union of Pungkook Company Limited (Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Ho Chi Minh City) - said: "Workers tan, on the way to buy that. Many do not care about the origin, or shelf life. Workers go to the market to buy 5 kilograms of rice or just call people to bring home. Eat wrong pay phones. Workers buy rice of the program must carry on their own should not like because of inconvenience even better rice. 
Accept non-profit sales
Nguyen Thanh Do - Chairman of Trade Union of Industrial Zone - Export Processing Zone in Ho Chi Minh City said that with the current income level, access to clean, quality and affordable sources of food. Is the concern of the Workers. Recently, Trade Union of Export Processing Zone has many programs to bring clean, safe and reasonable price to workers and union members such as the program "Clean Rice for Workers "There are supermarket chains in the trade union, mobile sales, shopping festivals on the holidays, weekends ..." There are programs supported by workers and sisters but there are also many programs difficult. Workers are not familiar with the shopping facilities, keeping the old style of shopping. In order to change, the Trade Union is still trying to change the approach to make it easier for workers to buy, "said Do. Upcoming will implement the model of "union supermarket card", affiliated with banks, workers accumulate part of money in the card to shop at supermarkets to ensure quality goods, especially card use. This shopping will enjoy more incentives.
Mrs. Than Thi Lan Ny - General Director of Kim Sang Agricultural Product Processing Co., Ltd - said that 5 months to participate in the program "Clean Rice for Workers" Company sold 100 tons of rice. Previously, the company's board of directors had discussed thoroughly with the Trade Union of Export Processing Zones - Industrial Park of Ho Chi Minh City for the best price. The company's rice is certified VietGAP and has been exported to many markets in the world such as Japan, Europe but hard to put into the market ... workers! "It's not just buying and selling, we want to carry out social responsibility for the community, bringing clean products to the workers," she said. 
Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Labor Union, Kieu Ngoc Vu evaluated the program of bringing clean rice to workers and other activities of the Union of Industrial Parks - Export Processing Zone in Ho Chi Minh City such as supermarket chain Mini, supermarkets, trade carts ... have concretized the action programs of the Federation of Labor of Ho Chi Minh City and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor for employees. Prior to the difficulties encountered by the programs, Mr. Vu made the request: "Upcoming, the Trade Union of the Industrial Zone - Export Processing Zone needs to innovate, diversify goods for workers with the criteria: Best quality, best price, most convenient purchase workers”.