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Dirty rice is moldy rice, long-term backlog of color, deformation, expiration of use

Dirty rice is moldy rice, long-term backlog of color, deformation, expiration of use. Because of the benefits, many people use chemical treatment, bleaching, fragrance to continue to sell to market. In the past time, at the market, spontaneous selling points, there have been many cases of laborers buying the wrong rice to use for dirty. This makes them worry because if long-term use will affect health.

From July 2016, the Union of Export Processing Zones - Industrial Park of Ho Chi Minh City has implemented a program of bringing clean rice to the workers through the signing of cooperation with Kim Produce Processing Company Limited Morning, the unit specializes in producing and supplying clean rice, high quality for domestic market as well as export. The goal of the program is to help workers access safe, quality rice sources.

Nguyen Thanh Do, Chairman of the Trade Union of Export Processing Zones in Ho Chi Minh City, said: "Over time, many molded rice products have been passed to chemicals for washing, In the market, when used regularly, long time will affect the health of workers. Therefore, the trade union committee of the EPZ-IP has also discussed to orient the introduction of clean products, rice Clean, quality products come to the hands of employees to help them reintegrate their workforce, ensure health, work effectively and avoid the click-through risks."
When the program was signed, the grassroots trade unions at enterprises in the export processing zones - Ho Chi Minh Industrial Park organized the workers to register to purchase rice in the form of pre-paid and post-paid. Especially the workers buy clean rice, quality, but preferential prices reduced to 15% compared with market prices, are bought directly at the company where he worked. The rice is packed in bags of 5 kilograms, 10 kilograms, with the label, the name and address of the place of production, and the expiry date. Worker Tran Mai Thi – Unilever Industrial Park Tay Bac - Cu Chi feel comfortable buying rice from the program: "When the company's union deployed clean rice program to workers, I decided to buy rice. I used to be safe when used because the union was guided to see the quality standards on the package, the shelf life was reduced by 15% compared to the price. The market and payroll pay period ".

At first, the workers were skeptical about the quality of the rice and asked why the price of rice is so low, but also buy before pay later? Nguyen Thuy Van, Chairman of the Trade Union of Long Rich Company Limited - Linh Trung Export Processing Zone said that initially when implementing the program, many workers have not trusted, but after trial, found the correct quality. As the trade union base and company introduced, was bought cheap so siblings workers in the company decided to buy clean rice. Up to this point, more than 50% of the workers in the company registered to buy clean rice, on average each worker buys about 1.5 tons of rice.

According to the Union of Export Processing Zones - Industrial Park of Ho Chi Minh City, over the past five months of implementing clean rice program for workers, 64 local unions responded to buy nearly 100 tons of clean rice for Workers, the total amount of more than 1.3 billion. This was an unexpected success for both companies, as more and more workers were approaching the source of clean food, with rice being the most essential item associated with workers' meals. Ms. Than Thi Lan Ny, General Director of Kim Sang Agricultural Products Processing Co., Ltd said: "We plan from the source of fuel to the management. From seedling to rice cultivation and then post-harvest processing using modern plant technology, such as polishing, color separation, metal detector, drying and finishing. All products launched to the market must undergo the published test of the authorities."
The introduction of clean rice products of the company Kim Sang to workers with a commitment to reduce prices by 15% compared with market prices, at the price of only 12,000-13,000 VND / kg compared to the original price of 17,000 VND / kg and the price of rice Maintained stable until the expiration of the contract, no increase for any reason, delivered to the workers and only pay for the pay period. This is one of the ways in which the company carries out social responsibility with the community, with the consumer, and shares difficulties with the workers. In the coming time, the company will also continue to make commitments to bring rice to the supermarket, the collective kitchen to serve workers.

Particularly, the Trade Union of Export Processing Zones - Industrial Zone of Ho Chi Minh City will monitor the quality of rice when the product is delivered to the hands of workers. And rice is one of the clean products that the Union of EPZ-IP in the implementation of the program of bringing clean and cheap food to workers in the future, contributing to better care of life and health.
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