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About us


In the early childhood, I experienced the amazing sparkling color therefore presently I always stop when I encounter eternal paddy-field. Among the heavy pressure of work, my heart overflow with emotion when I carry a scented bowl of rice in a family’s meal or anywhere.  
When I see the powerful vitality of the rice including they are never stop growing from water as a symbol of hard work and love of parents for children to create favor conditions for success follow success in life. The rice laden with seeds and the abundant crop at present are the signs of beautiful, happy, abundant future.  
For thousand years in history : The rice and paddy have accompanied with us in many struggle wars; We have been provided daily valuable food however that is not all. Thanks to them, Vietnam and rice of Vietnam become well-known among friends in the world. They attach and bring love to everybody in the world and encourage them to develop a rich and happy society 
Your support is a priceless motivation and encouragement for us to continue our journey to bring love, warm to every family’s meal and dispose exhaustion, difficulty, …. after hard working hours. Not only scented and delicious rice, we also want to transfer our feeling and heart to every customer to prolong the link of love. 
With these opinions and wishes, we will do our best to create wonderful product everyday. We want to share the joy, sadness, problem of people who live separately with country/ homeland to seek success.